Спрей для объема Rahua Volumista Spray

  • Бренд: Rahua
  • Модель: Спрей
  • Наличие: 2-3 Дня
  • Объём: 177 мл

Доступные варианты

  • 1470грн


Бесплатная доставка курьером по Киеву и Новой Почтой по Украине при заказе от 1.500 грн.

ORGANIC CITRUS JUICES: Fruit extracts refresh hair and scalp by breaking down oils and extending time between shampooing and provide soft hold and texture ORGANIC LEMONGRASS: Extracts from this plant give hair bounce, body, and volume by gently removing excess oils from the scalp and hair shaft without compromising their moisture balance and integrity. ORGANIC SUGARCANE: The extract from this reedy grass give hair hold and natural shine. LAVENDER: Prized around the world since ancient times, the smoky, herbal scent of this flowering plant (ours is cultivated in France) calms the mind and soothes the senses. ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS: Best known for its refreshing scent, this tree’s extracts also have clarifying and antimicrobial properties. Eucalyptus keeps hair clean longer and extends the time between shampoos.

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